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7 Famous Name Badges You might have Missed

Posted On:2014-04-09 09:10:15
Name badges are used to identify a person and often their job title as well; they are part of everyday working life for many of us.  As a result of their appearance in so many day-to-day routines they are often used as part of a character’s costume in films to make them seem realistic, however these name badges soon become as iconic and memorable as the character themselves.
Here are just a few of those, hard to forget, name badges (how many do you recognise?)

Shaun of the Dead

Edgar wright’s 2004 horror comedy sees Shaun (Simon Pegg) stuck in a rut, spending his time bouncing between his dead end job and the local with his best friend Ed (Nick Frost), which leaves his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) wanting out.
Things change when a virus hits turning the community into flesh eating zombies, forcing Shaun and Ed to formulate a plan to save the day, rescue loved ones and head for The Winchester to wait for it all to blow over, spilling blood along the way.
All this action occurs while Shaun is wearing his ‘Foree Electric’ name badge which ends up blood splattered and an iconic piece of this unconventional hero’s look.
Oh and let us not forget Mary…

Fight Club

The 90s cult favourite follows an Ikea obsessed, insomniac, former-office worker (Ed Norton) who meets the reckless and care free Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). Together they start a ‘support group’ for men called Fight Club, helping their fellow, disenfranchised men rediscover their masculinity. This club soon evolves into a violent terrorist cult preparing for revolution against American commercialism.
At the beginning of the film Ed Norton’s character seeks comfort in disease supports groups - these allow him to cry and as a result sleep.
As an addict of these support groups he hides behind a variety of creative names to protect his real identity.
A perfect candidate for our reusable badges!

Clerks 2

The sequel to the cult classic Clerks, sees Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) eleven years after the events of the first film. After a fire destroys Dante’s Quick Stop convenience store and RST Video, both are forced to search for alternate employment, landing them in the fast food chain Mooby’s.
Laughs and drama ensue, involving pregnancy, jail, proposals and of course Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith).
Who could forget the garish purple and yellow uniform at Mooby’s?! Each with their own yellow and red Funployee badges (the colour scheme isn’t much to be desired but we like the title Funployee!).



In 2012 Seth Macfarlane took his Family Guy humour and made it into a feature length live action film about a talking teddy bear. Don’t be fooled by his fluffy exterior, Ted is one cuddly toy that is not suitable for kids. John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) makes a wish that he could have a best friend which results in his teddy bear coming to life, and they stayed friends since. In the present day John’s girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) decides John needs to grow up in order for their relationship to progress. The grossly inappropriate Ted is reluctant to let this happen the aftermath of which causes a rift in John’s relationship with Lori and as a result his friendship with Ted.
When Ted is trying to fend for himself he gets a job at a supermarket and even though he is a cuddly toy he still has to wear an employee name badge, which would be cute if he wasn’t so crude.



Kill Bill Vol. 1

A Tarantino thriller/ action film that is all about revenge, and one woman’s undying efforts to get it. The film is about a woman known only as The Bride (Uma Thurman) who awakes from a coma following an attempt on her life by a group of assassins. The names of these assassins become targets on her vengeance hit list which she works through one by one during the film.
In the hospital before she awakes we are introduced to a nurse called Buck (Michael Bowen) who had been less than caring whilst the bride was in his care. He is the first to fall victim to the Bride showing the audience that she means business, and therefore he and his name badge (along with his unforgettable mode of transport) remain vivid in the viewer’s mind.

Bruce Campbell vs: Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell returns in this sequel to the Evil Dead films by Sam Raimi. Ash (Campbell) a humble discount store employee is transported back in time to a medieval castle that is infested with evil that only he can dispel. Unfortunately he makes matters worse by misreading the magic words which releases an army of skeletons lead by his own evil doppelganger. 
In the director’s cut we see our ‘hero’ obliterate a demon right in the middle of S-Mart, where he works, in his full S-Mart uniform; a moment and a look that true Raimi/ horror fans will never forget.



This neo-noir crime thriller film stars Ryan Gosling as a mysterious man known only as the driver who has multiple jobs; a mechanic, getaway driver and stuntman. The film revolves around the driver who falls in love with his neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan) which runs parallel to the driver undertaking dangerous tasks involving the mafia, a hitman and a lot of violence.
It is the neighbour’s, Irene, badge that stands out in this film, it highlights her relatively normal life working at a Denny’s, while the driver‘s work is the opposite of normal.
There we have it - 7 movie name badges that are unforgettable and if you didn’t notice them before, you definitely will now.


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