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A Printer’s Guide to Logo Design

Posted On:2014-06-17 11:30:29

For most SMEs, trying to establish your brand’s identity in your industry can be a huge challenge. Your logo is the face of your brand, you may put hours, days, months working with a designer to create your perfect logo. It’s beautiful, it stands out and it represents the culture and ethos of your brand.

But is it printable?

“There are lots of free guides, design tools and agencies out there to help you design your perfect logo, but making it work for you is where you can reap the rewards of building brand recognition and loyalty.”

This free eBook will tell you everything that needs to be considered during the design process to ensure that your logo stays high quality, cost effective and consistent across all forms of branded media. 

We’re not trying to bring you down or stamp out your creativity, far from it. These tips will allow your brand to thrive not just in the digital world, but in the real world, and in the mind of your audience.

When working with a designer, use the points mentioned in this book to make sure your logo is designed with solid foundations for the future. Don’t leave it until too late, click on the image below to download your free guide:


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Jeana | 2016-05-07 14:27:56

It's always a relief when someone with obvious exeprtise answers. Thanks!
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