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Most Popular Names on Name Badges in the UK

Posted On:2014-04-24 12:10:10

Being in the business of name badges, we get to see the unique and most popular names that cross our badges on a day to day basis.

We thought it would be fun to share with you the most popular names in three of the sectors that our customers are in: the Healthcare; Hospitality and Public Sectors.

Names in Healthcare


First up, Healthcare; as well as discovering the most popular names in this sector we also discovered that it is mainly a woman’s domain as all of the top names are female.

Starting with our 3rd most popular name in Healthcare: Emma

Emma, the title of a classic novel by Jane Austen and the third most popular name in healthcare. The name itself means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.  The popularity of ‘Emma’ has decreased from 14th most popular name in England and Wales in 1996 to 50th most popular name in 2012 according to data from the Office of National Statistics.

Famous Emma: Emma Watson

In 2nd place: Jane

Our second place name in Healthcare is Jane. Jane means ‘God has given’.  According to the data Jane is not a popular name at all, falling from an already low 316th place in 1996 to 1099th place in 2012. We find this strange as there have been so many great Jane’s in literature; Jane Bennett (Pride & Prejudice), Jane Eyre, Miss Jane Marple (Miss Marple series by Agatha Christie) and Jane Porter (Tarzan) to name a few.

Famous Jane: Jane Austen

And for the number 1 name in Healthcare: Sarah

Sarah, the most popular name on our list, means princess. Although the most popular name on this list the name Sarah has decreased in popularity over the years. In 1996 Sarah was ranked 18th out of names chosen by parents in England and Wales, the name fell to 95th position in 2012.

Famous Sarah: Sarah Millican.


Names in Hospitality

The second sector looked at was Hospitality. Some male names appear on this list and it is a unisex name that clinches the prize, but on this occasion we will treat it as a female name due to the spelling being typically associated with the female version of the name.

3rd: James

James is a biblical name that is still standing strong in the UK only dropping from 4th to 10th place from 1996-2012. This popularity may be attributed to a sharply dressed secret agent who bares the same name; of course we are referring to James Bond.

A well-known James: James Martin

2nd: Katie

The name Katie means pure. It was typically a shortened/ pet form of the name Katherine but has gradually become a popular first name in its own right. The popularity of Katie has decreased in popularity, falling from 12th to 66th.

A well-known Katie: Katie Piper

1st: Jo

The meaning of the name Jo is ‘God is gracious’; it is also an abbreviation of the names Joanna and Josephine. The name Jo, at least as a given first name has become dramatically less popular, dropping from the ranking of 736th to 4838th. It may be number 1in hospitality but it clearly isn’t number 1 for prospective parents.

A well-known Jo: Jo Wiley


Names in the Public Sector


The third and final area we looked into was the Public Sector. Unlike the Healthcare, this sector was dominated by male names, no female names made the top eight, let alone the top three.

3rd: Andrew

The name Andrew may have the most masculine meaning, man warrior; however, this doesn’t seem to be persuading mummies to be to choose it for their little boys. The popularity of Andrew has declined from 29th to 153rd in the UK from 1996 to 2012. Not a terrible drop but it seems as if the UK will be short a few man warriors.

You may have heard of this Andrew: Andrew Lloyd Webber

2nd: Mark

Mark is the English for of the name Marcus, which may be attributed to the Roman god of war Mars. The name is down from 55th to 214th in the UK.

You may have heard of this Mark: Mark Strong

1st: David

David means beloved and is also considered a biblical name. David has made a slow drop from 32nd most popular boys name in the UK to 59th, although this did take 12 years!

You may have heard of this David: David Beckham


All of the names on our lists have decreased in popularity over the last decade, so what are the most popular names at the moment that are likely to be appearing on future name badges?

We would love to hear what the most popular names in your workplaces are, tell us in a comment or tweet @MelubaTweets



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