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Posted On:2014-03-21 16:32:56

In February 2014 we conducted a survey inviting our customers to answer some questions about the company in which they worked.

The answers were provided by individuals working in a cross section of industries including Technology, Leisure and Hospitality, Retail, Charity and Medical to mention a few. Some of the key findings are detailed here.

92% of the companies surveyed reported that their employee number had either not changed or increased. 45% of these noted that there had been an increase in staff numbers, showing stability and growth across our surveyed respondents.

42% of the companies involved in the survey stated that they were definitely or likely to employ more staff, which combined with the 45% who increased their work force over the past 18 months shows that the future for employment is looking bright. This seems to match the general economic outlook and we have certainly noticed an increase in sales of our name badges.

That being said, only 43% of the companies specified that 100% of their employees were taken on under permanent contracts.

There were no reports of 100% permanent staff in the Charitable companies that took part in the survey, but this may be attributed to the voluntary nature of charity work.

89% of the companies reported that they were either ‘positive’ or ‘cautious but positive’ about the outlook of their business. With the economy finally starting to look up it is no wonder that more companies than not, are positive about the growth prospect of their businesses. Understandably however due to the uncertainty of the economy many are choosing to be cautious about the future.

Generally, things are looking up for businesses in the UK and now that we are officially out of the recession it would seem that blue skies are ahead. Whilst many have learnt hard lessons from a long recession, growth prospects and rising employment across most industries have left most of us positive, if not cautious.

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Posted On: 2014-02-10 12:52:00
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